Our Mission

The company "HOTEL.EU" promotes "European tourism".

We want to inspire your visit to Europe by providing you with the best European hotel and tourist information.

Direct and current tourist information from the hotels and the national, regional and city tourist offices.


We present a European hotel reservation platform.
You can book hotelrooms, directly on the hotel's website.

Search a European hotel in our database, from thousends European hotels, from 34 European countries.

Book directly your hotelroom(s) on the websites from the European hoteliers.

Why book on hotel.eu?

A) find the websites from European hotels

B) easy way to find the website from a European hotel and find the contact information form the hotel ( telephone ; mail ; online booking)

C) you book directly on the website from the hotel, so you get the best price

D) no intermediaries, the hoteliers can offer you the best prices and deals

E) make a “green hotelreservation” ; made directly on the website from the hotelier


We help travelers choose and visit a European country that meets their personal expectations

A) We present you the websites from the National, regional and city tourism offices.

B) If you want more information about , how an where to visit Europe.

Click on the website www.visiteurope.com.
This website is made by the: “European Travel Commission”
more about ETC , visit https://etc-corporate.org/ )